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August 29, 2016

Hi Everyone,

Today the design Team are sharing some photos of their craft rooms / craft space where they create.

Maybe you might see some tips, on how they store their products or ideas you for your craft rooms.

so lets check out their wonderful crafty spaces.

Alicia’s Craft Room

Alicia's Craft Room

Storage Shelf

At the top of this little unit that sits on my desk I am storing my Kaisercolour Colouring Books and Gel Pens.  On the first shelf I have little jars filled with Kaisercraft Wood Flourishes.  On the second shelf some larger jars filled with Kaisercraft Paper Blooms.  The next two rows I have my Kaisermists and Kaisercraft glues.  At the bottom is a reel for some coloured twine.

Alicia's Craft Room

Ribbon Rack

Next to this unit on my desk I have a ribbon rack.  At the very top I keep all of my Kaisercraft Pearls, Rhinestones and Epoxy Stickers all neatly stacked into a plastic container.  On the top reel I have my Kaisercraft Glitter Tapes, Printed Tapes and Natural Twine.  On the subsequent rows I have my Kaisercraft Organza Ribbons.

Large Desk Organisers

Alicia's Craft Room

Because I am such a messy crafter I was really needing some sort of storage option for Kaisercraft’s two collections each month.  Piles of papers, stamps and collectables piling up on my desk was not leaving a lot of space for crafting and piles on the floor was not leaving a lot of space for walking lol!  I was chatting to Trudy at my local Kaisercraft store in Robina and she suggested the Beyond the Page – Large Desk Organiser.  This has turned out to be the perfect storage solution for me and my two Kaisercraft collections for each month.   I purchased two Large Desk Organisers, one for each collection.  In the photo above they are filled with products from the April collections; Cottage Rose and Sea Breeze.  The back shelf is perfect for all the 12×12 papers and stickers.  The little shelves in the middle can hold the Paper Pads, Stamp Sets and matching Embossing Folders.  The three little drawers and one large drawer are perfect for holding collectables and off-cuts.  Every month I pack the old collections away and set up the new collections in the Large Desk Organisers.  Then I have everything ready to go and at my fingertips.

Die Storage

Alicia's Craft Room

The Kaisercraft Multipurpose Box is the perfect size for storing my dies.  I attach them to the magnets provided in the Kaisercraft packaging.  This allows me to easily flip through them to find the die I am looking for.  I use the dividers that came with the box to separate the dies into the Kaisercraft categories; Decorative Dies, Decorative Die Words, Card Creation Dies and Dies with matching Stamps.

I hope you have enjoyed a few peeks into my craft room : )

Rikki’s Craft Room


I am very lucky to have a whole room, it is meant to be formal dining, but I think it works better this way, what do you think? Its a great space with loads of natural light and its a perfect place to scrap with friends.



”Hi my name is Rikki and I might have a decorative tape addiction”, ok I definitely have an addiction but doesnt it look all pretty when its organised?


For me, my mojo only flows when everything is organised and in its right place so custom shelving is a must. I like also not seeing all my stash either so storing them in boxes works for me but they still have to be organised.


I hope you enjoyed seeing my scrap space.

‘My Space’ (Collette Mitregas old craft room!)

I sold my house earlier this year so had to pack my craft room up, a very time consuming process, but a wonderful journey of discovery! The great news is I am currently designing my new room and hope to show it to at the end of this year. So for this post, I have given you an insight to my old, very tidy craft room.

I must be honest, it is usually a big mess; I let it get to a point where I cannot find a desk to work on and then have a big clean up and the cycle starts again!


My work area!

I like to keep my most used items close at hand, I hate getting up and travelling across the room to get things! These tiny drawers were originally designed for nuts and bolts, but being a crafter, I knew exactly what I would use them for ….. all those little bits and bobs!


I have a big stand up work table where I do my videos, mixed media work and patchwork.


Here are my trolley drawers from office works. These sit just behind where I work, and house my most used supplies so I can swing round and grab them without getting up.


The other side of my rooms house other tools and books that I do not use so often ….. probably because I have to get up and go get them!!

I love the storage solutions Kasiercraft have, I love to use the beautiful papers to personalise them, and I love how practical they are.

Here are my favourite three that sit proudly in my craft room.


Multipurpse Box (SB2339) I use this for storing my embossing folders.


Hobby Tray Divider (SB2288)


W272 Medium Tray

W315 Pencil Holder

I hope you have enjoyed glancing into my crafting world!

Two storage ideas by Sonia Thomason

I love seeing how other people store all of their papercraft supplies – there are so many wonderful ideas out there! Lets face it, the majority of us have a ‘slight’ stash problem and trying to keep it all organised so we actually know what we have is a challenge.

Now I will admit to a flower addiction – all colours and shapes – it doesn’t matter! I also like things to be organised and pretty where ever possible which can be quite the challenge with scrapbooking supplies. My husband and daughters helped solve this when they found this gorgeous shelf for me and gave it to me for Christmas. The glass jars are from a local homewares store

Now one of the things that’s hard to store are your embossing folders. How do you keep them neat but still be able to see what you have? I’ve found the Album Pocket Pages are perfect for this! I use the 4 x 6″ Pocket Pages (CM954) held together with some binder rings so I can add to the collection easily


I also store my templates in a similar way using 12 x 12″ pages. There’s nothing like been able to see all of those fabulous goodies in your craft area!

Sonia x

“Anita’s little studio”

my little studio is still a work in progress as i don’t have a tone of storage yet

Anitas Little studio (1)

but i like my space to be clean and functional  and all tools and scrapbook supplies are kept under my desks

this is a little part of my desk is where i like to draw and write down ideas

Anitas Little studio (2)

i only keep my flowers and a few other bits and bobs on this board as it get over crowded

it looks a bit empty at the moment as i did have the new collections on it .

Anitas Little studio (3)

So i hope the Design team have inspired you with their craft spaces


Kirsten’s craft studio

This is actually the first time, I am showing photos of my craft studio. I have shown one wall earlier, but that’s it.

My craft studio is a light room, with three windows. I have mounted cupboards on three of the walls. In the middle, I have got a table, that can be expanded for crafting guests. I have also got a sofa in the room.


Most of the furniture is from IKEA.


My Kaisercraft DT storage:


My Kaisercraft designteam dies, embossing folders, stencils and embellishments are mounted on the wall, since I use it all the time.


Old collections of papers from Kaisercraft and other papers are sorted in three different shelves. Some of them are hand made from MDF.


I use Kaisermist’s and mists from 13 arts all the time, so those are left on my bench for easy access.


I also do a lot of mixed media, and I have my own storage for metal and things that can be altered. This is one of the drawers with metal gears, computer and metal parts.

I hope you liked the craft studio

Kirsten x

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