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    July Creations with Amanda Baldwin

    July 3, 2015
    2015-06-21 10.16.45

    Hi Kaisercrafters!

    Welcome back to our new look blog & our exciting new year of collections and designers!

    Amanda Baldwin here with you today, & I must say that I am so delighted to be back again for another fabulous year! I absolutely LOVE my Kaisercraft!

    For those of you that don’t know me that well, please feel free to visit my blog & get to know me  here

    You’ll find my style is modern, feminine, contemporary & with a good splash of colour!

    But enough of the chatter let’s get straight into the good stuff, I hope you find my creations inspiring!

    Botanica Collection

    “Treasure ” layout

    2015-06-15 15.52.11

    Love those pretty lilac tones! So very feminine!

    Kaisercraft Products: P1878 | Air, P1876 | Roots, CT831 | Collectables, SS286 |

    Sticker Sheet, FL305 | Wooden Flourishes-Frames, EM970 | Blossoms-Lily, SB777 |

    Black, F643 | Amethyst. Other: doily, sequins.

    “All In One Perfect Moment” layout

    2015-06-16 10.41.17

    With so many gorgeously girly patterns, why not use a few of them on the one layout?

    Kaisercraft Products: P1876 | Roots, P1877 | Stem, 1879 | Botany, CT831 |

    Collectables, SS286 | Sticker Sheet.

    A truly gorgeous collection, huh?!

    Speaking of gorgeous, how about the DIVINE new baby collection;

    Little One

    This collection has gone straight to  my all time favourite collections list – simply love it!

    Here’s why….

    “Precious Bundle”  8.5″ x 11″ layout

    2015-06-21 10.16.45

    I know, just adorable!!! Only 14 days old here…..*sigh* Where does the time go?

    Thank goodness we scrap these moments to hold onto them!

    Kaisercraft Products: CD101 | Coconut, P1881 | Ollie, P1886 |

    Noah, P1889 | Cooper, SS287 | Sticker Sheet-Boy, CT832 | Collectables.

    Other: Stitching & sequins.

    “Blessed” layout

    2015-06-21 10.18.02

    I know, another truly precious moment!  I am such a sucker for baby layouts!

    These modern, pretty patterned papers make baby pages a dream to create.

    Kaisercraft Products: CD601 |  12 x 12 Premium-White, P1882 | Jack, CM331 |

    Captured Moments 4 x 6″-Hello Baby, SS287 | Sticker Sheet-Boy, CT832 |

    Collectables, FL517 | Wooden Flourishes-Owls, SB774 | Ice Blue.

    Other: Doily, ribbon, pompom trim.

    Here’s another…

    “Love You To The Moon & Back” layout

    2015-06-21 10.23.32

    So very, very pretty! Let’s take a closer look…..

    2015-06-21 10.24.43

    Love those super cute Captured Moments Cards;

    they are just perfect as titles for layouts as well as for pocket pages!

    Kaisercraft Products: CD101 | Coconut, P1883 | Zoe, P1884 | Mia, CM331 |

    Captured Moments 4 x 6″-Hello Baby, CT832 |

    Collectables, SS288 | Sticker Sheet-Girl.

    Other: Doily.

    Time to share some pretty cards with this collection too!

    “Baby Feet” Card – Boy

    2015-05-02 15.40.40

    Kaisercraft Products: CD101 | Coconut, PP974 | Paper Pad, CT832 |

    Collectables, CM331 | Captured Moments 4 x 6″-Hello Baby, CS224 |

    Clear Stamp-Little One, CS700 | Clear Stamper, IP719 | Black.

    Other: Stitching, buttons.

    “Precious Arrival” Card – Boy

    2015-06-21 10.28.19

    Kaisercraft Products: CD101 | Coconut, PP974 | Paper Pad, CT832 |

    Collectables, SS287 | Sticker Sheet-Boy, SB774 | Ice Blue. 

    Other: Doily

    “New Arrival” Notelet Card – Girl

    2015-06-21 10.30.22

    Kaisercraft Products: CD101 | Coconut, PP974 | Paper Pad, P1888 |

    Chloe, CM331 | Captured Moments 4 x 6″- Hello Baby, SS288 | Sticker Sheet-Girl.

    “Bundle of Joy” Card – Girl

    2015-06-21 10.32.04

    Kaisercraft Products: CD602 | Ivory, PP974 | Paper  Pad, CT832 |

    Colleactables, SS287 | Sticker Sheet-Girl.

    Other: Stitching

    “Hello Little One” Card 

    2015-06-21 10.34.42

    Kaisercraft Products: CD101 | Coconut, P1882 | Jack, PP974 | Paper Pad, SB774 | Ice Blue.

    Other: Stitching, ribbon & button.

    Wow! Told you that collection was amazing!

    *Be sure to revisit the blog this month to see what else I create with this paper*

    The final collection I am showcasing today is the rich and vibrant

    Fly Free Collection

    Here’s a sweet thankyou card…….

    2015-06-23 08.34.59

    So sweet! Lots of pretties in this collection – birds, butterflies, flowers….

    Just gorgeous!

    Kaisercraft Products: CD101 | Coconut, P1897 | Sister, PP975 | Paper Pad, CT833 |

    Collectables, SS289 | Sticker Sheet, FL302 | Wooden Flourishes-Birdcages.

    Other: Doily, sequins.

    “Birdcage” Off The Page Creation

    2015-06-23 08.38.00

    Isn’t this the sweetest?!!

    The Wooden Flourish-Birdcages partners perfectly with Fly Free – let’s take a closer peak…..

    2015-06-23 08.39.17

    This is truly such a sweet token! Love it!

    Kaisercraft Products: FL302 | Wooden Flourishes-Birdcages, CT833 | Collectables, F632 | Sage.

    Other: Ribbon, nest & sequins.

    This collection is wonderful for layouts too!

    “Smile” layout

    2015-06-28 14.45.16

    Aren’t the stamps in this collection stunning?!!

    Check them out….

    2015-06-28 22.05.58

    Love a good stamp – such a great way to embellish your page & so very versatile!

    “Today Is Beautiful” layout

    2015-06-28 22.02.47

    Naww, true loves first kiss! Such a sweet moment to capture…

    And how lovely are those patterned papers?! Bliss!!!

    2015-06-28 22.03.44

    The Collectables are just the best! Love that bird – stunning!

    And there you have it!

    Wow! Inspiration overload!

    – but that’s not the last of me –

    We have a ton of challenges & inspirational posts coming up, so keep your eyes open for my other stunning creations with these collections this month.

    Thank you for joining me today!

    Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on these creations – I really value your feedback!

    til next time,

    Happy Arty Days,

    Amanda xo

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