Sunday Scrap Space Leanne Allinson

Name: Leanne Allinson

Nick name: Work colleagues called me “Tink”, my parents call me “Lee” and some family members call me “Lil”. But I mostly respond to “Leanne”! Plain and simple.

Occupation: I am currently a Stay at Home Mum (and loving it!). In another lifetime though, I worked in Aged Care.
What I can’t live without when I scrap: Ink. I am using it all the time at the moment to define the edges of paper and of course with stamps!

Where I find my inspiration: I find inspiration in my photos. More often than not, it’s generally about the story I want to document on the page and that takes me in a certain direction. It generates the idea and then I blog surf!

On my desk: Sitting on my desk are several jars of coloured buttons, pencils and glitter. It is usually pretty cluttered with only a small space, directly in front of where I sit, free, so I can create. I make do with lots of bits and pieces to house my things. And as long as it keeps little fingers out and away from spreading things from East to West, I’m happy. :)

I store my papers in 12” x 12” boxes under my desk and my alphas in a rectangular basket. I don’t really have any storage/labelling systems because I don’t keep a lot of product. I work better this way, keeping it simple so I don’t become overwhelmed by all the gorgeous
patterned papers and embellishments that are available. This system (or lack of!) allows me to remember what I have on hand and so I then get to use it.

Playing on my ipod: I love the cast of Glee at the moment! Too funny!! The kids are going around singing “Don’t Stop Believing”.

My favourite item in my Scraproom: This would have to be my sewing machine. Since being brave enough to actually sew on a layout, I haven’t looked back. I have machine stitching on all my layouts. My sewing is never straight though! LOL! And my excuse is because wobbly lines of sewing create more movement that straight ones! For me, I think it finishes off a page without it becoming too cluttered. And I love my white space.

My latest project: My latest project is a weekly challenge.

My challenge involved taking an older layout and re-inventing it into the scrapper’s current style.

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Scrap Space Leanne Allinson

  1. fabulous Leanne… thanks for sharing :) I sooo wish I was like you, and not have too much product !!! I am hopeless, and have soooo much stuff, I forget where half of it is !!

  2. oh leanne … you have a room… i would just kill for a room!! lol…. and for the restraint that allowed me to use a desk that well! Love your weekly challenge too.. perfect colours.. :))

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