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Technique Focus – Journalling

December 11, 2009

Hi there!

I know I always try and journal on a layout, whether that is simply following the 5 W’s principle – Who, What, When, Where and Why or it’s a detailed story about the photo/event, I always try and put something on my layout.

Today we’re looking at a few different ways of journalling.

The first is from Renee Ludlow,

Tip:  When you only have a small photo to play with, bulk up the page by focussing on journaling.  Create a list of all the things you remember about Christmas when you were a child.  You will be surprised at all the little details you remember and all the lovely emotions it will bring back.

*Use a large block a text to frame your photo as well as tell a story.

Belle - Renee Ludlow“Christmas Past” layout by Renee Ludlow: Belle Collection, Alpha stickers (AS203), Die cut elements (DC303), Brads (BD403), Embroidered badges ( EB503), Colour Rub-ons (RB829), Black Rub-ons (RB830), Embellishment pack (EM903), Rhinestones-Black (SB777).

Next up a layout from Tanya,

“For this layout I wanted to record things about Jai’s personality at the age of three so I have typed up random things he likes to say and do, clothes and shoe sizes and things he likes to watch.  Recording these everyday facts will be great to look back on in years to come.”

Rewind - Tanya Tahir1“At 3” layout by Tanya Tahir: Rewind Collection, die cut elements, alpha stickers, alpha chipboard, embroidered badge, metal tag, thread, paper distressor, inkpad.

And Pam Thorburn,

“I like to journal on my layouts, and I love the journaling to form part of the overall design of the page.

It’s a good idea to think about the mood of the page and how your journaling contributes to that mood.

Dymo lettering  would look completely wrong on a wedding or newborn layout, but used  on my layout ‘He’ it adds to the boyish, tough mood of the layout. I also like titles that tell a story, and on this layout I used the arrows to direct the eye around the journaling on the layout; and the title ‘he’ becomes part of the story.

By using different fonts, colours and letter sizes the journaling adds interest and texture to the overall design of the page. Similarly, journaling spots, like the Kaisercrafts die cuts, add another design feature, and are great for adding a little bit of your own handwriting. And don’t forget rubons are yet another way to add journaling and interest!

If you like using your computer for journaling try downloading new fonts from a website like DaFont which has free downloadable fonts to suit any mood you want to create on your pages.

For inspiration and challenges based on typography try challenges like Use your Type.

Rewind - Pam Thorburn

“He is a tough kid” layout by Pam Thorburn: Rewind paper collection.

And now for a layout from Nikki, here’s what Nikki had to say about journalling,

“As some of you might know…… Noah my now 6 year old (my how time flies) has Down Syndrome and Mild Autism.

I love creating layouts of him and what is happening in his little world, but his layouts serve a dual purpose for me.  While I wouldn’t say I approach these layouts more thoughtfully than I do any other,  I use my journaling here as a form of therapy I guess.  It’s my opportunity to reflect on they way I feel about what’s happening in Noah’s life and in our family life as a result and while I know he may not be able to read them himself, I love to go back and see where I was at that time and also one day, for Josh and Belle to better understand what was happening with Noah at the time. One of the characteristics of Noah having Downs is that he has had developmental delays right from birth and his biggest delay is a severe speech disorder.  While we have worked particularly hard to help his development through a variety of therapies, his progress has been quite measured.  I think that is probably why I celebrate day to day activities and achievements  that may seem insignificant to many.

In this layout of Noah I focused my journaling on how far he has come in the past year in particular and also the fact that he is entering a new chapter of his life.  Next year he will be starting school and I really wanted to record my thoughts about that”.

Here’s Nikki’s layout, and the ‘journalling’ aspect is ‘disected’ below…

Pack Your Bags - Nikki Antonello

Layout by Nikki Antonello: Pack your bags collection

If we were to disect my layout…here’s how I’ve incorporate little written messages to explore my thoughts and feelings.

Title………I used my cutting machine and some patterned paper to create a larger title.  Having to wait so long for Noah to achieve different things really has helped us focus on the amazing journey he has undertaken and the many important steps along the way, which I think my title reflects perfectly.

KC Freebies / Die Cuts/Embellishments/Rubons…. Just by carefully choosing embellishments, you can add to the sentiment and express more of what you are feeling…..  I loved how the fine print on the “Adventure Ticket” say “Admits ONE person to amazing journeys and priceless memories”……to the quote on the Freebies emblem and also my rubon frame around the photo of Noah.

Hidden Journaling…..I cut this shape from the patterned paper and used a punch to make the notebook edge.  I decided to use this as a place to record my personal thoughts about Noah starting school.  Not necessarily because I wanted them to remain private, but more so because I didn’t want this journalling to be part of my layout.

So how do you journal on your layouts? Did you find this post useful?

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